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Local 389 Steward and Safety Representative Nominations Are Open

This is an official announcement that 2022 steward and safety representative nominations are open. Please see the notice below for instructions and details about the nomination process. Notices will also be posted on the union shop boards throughout the plants. For a downloadable version of the notice click here. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”2022 steward nomination notice”] […]

Local 389 Officers and Delegates Announced

On January 6, 2021 a special meeting was held at the Kearny Mesa Hall for Local 389 lodge officers and delegates nominations. Please see the flyer below for the results. All nominations are uncontested and the positions listed will stand. To download the flyer click here. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”LOCAL 389 LODGE OFFICERS AND DELEGATES”]

Local 389 Lodge Officer and Delegate Positions Open for Nomination

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”LOCAL 389″] Here are the positions open for nomination for lodge officers and delegates. Nominations will be in person at the Kearny Mesa Hall on January 6, 2021 from 4-5pm. Nominations must be made in person and nominees must be present to accept. Potential nominees can send a letter or email to the […]

IP Martinez: ‘Where are the Jobs, Mr. President?’

An op-ed by International President Robert Martinez Jr. on the importance of voting in the upcoming election written for the Union Label and Service Trades Department, AFL-CIO newsletter, the Label Letter. Working people were promised the world in 2016. Candidate Trump boastfully proclaimed that, if elected, “you won’t lose one plant. You’ll have plants coming into […]

Machinists Union Joins Call for Police Reform, Racial Justice

The IAM is supporting recommendations issued by the AFL-CIO’s general board to take concrete action to address America’s long history of racism. The board approved the recommendations after emergency meetings of the AFL-CIO Committees on Civil and Human Rights and the AFL-CIO Committee on Legislation and Policy. Both committees discussed the murder of George Floyd and unanimously […]