Important Covid Relief for Workers Being Discussed in CA Assembly

Hello all,

We are writing about an important issue that impacts each and every one of us. Today, the California Assembly will be discussing a COVID Leave program that will give workers in organizations that employ a certain number of people 40 hours of COVID leave for those who feel symptoms, and another 40 hours if you have a positive test.
This will give many employees the resources they need to stay safe and take care of their families during the Omicron wave. This is proposed to be retroactive to the first of the year. So, if you are able, please call in to the Assembly around 4:15pm to urge them to vote yes, and to consider expanding this benefit to organizations of any size. The meeting starts at 3 and you can tune in here:

There is a sample script and phone information below.

“My name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m a member of [YOUR UNION]. I am calling in strong support of supplemental paid sick leave. No worker should have to choose between going to work sick with COVID and putting food on the table or paying rent. Paid sick leave protects workers and our communities. I urge you to pass COVID sick leave immediately to keep workers safe and slow the spread of this deadly disease.”

The Assembly hearing begins at 3:00pm (livestream available here) so we are asking you to dial in around 4:15pm. A moderated telephone line will be available to assist with public participation. You may provide comment by calling this toll-free number: 877-692-8957, access code: 131 54 202.

In Solidarity,
Devin Ablard
Updated: January 26, 2022 — 5:44 pm