Solar COVID-19 Bargaining Update

Brothers and Sisters,

Most of you are aware the union has been negotiating with Solar Turbines over our working conditions amid the Coronavirus outbreak. The company has been deemed essential and has required hourly employees to report for work based on our normal work schedule. Salaried employees have been allowed to work from home and on a rotational basis.

Last Friday, March 27 the company and the union agreed on an emergency benefit for employees that are sick or that need extra time for childcare.

The union also put hazard pay on the table. Our proposal was 1.5 x hourly rate for all work during the stay at home order implemented by Governor Newsom. There was also a request made by the union to provide face masks for all workers since the City of San Diego requires all essential businesses working with the public to wear them at all times.

Solar Turbines has declined to give us the hazard pay at this time despite other IAM shops receiving hazard pay during these unprecedented dangerous times. They stand behind the 80-hour emergency sick leave as an added benefit, even though they will be reimbursed by the government for the money in the stimulus package. Employees are encouraged to use this benefit when feeling ill and are expected to stay home to stop potential spread of the virus. See the details of the benefit below.

Solar Turbines has ordered face masks, but they are not yet available for use. The union is in the process of filing a grievance on this lack of PPE and proper training as well as better cleaning standards in the facility and in our work areas.


Enhanced Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

Employees that are sick/stay home (not COVID-19): Are eligible for the 80-hour emergency sick leave benefit after using three days of paid or unpaid leave. These days must be used in one-day increments and need not be used consecutively. Documentation is not required.

Employees required to quarantine due to COVID-19 illness: Will be paid for 10 days of work at 8 hours per day. Documentation is required due to quarantine requirement.

Absence for childcare and school closures: Must take two weeks (80 hours) of paid/unpaid time off. Once this has occurred, benefit will provide 2/3 pay up to 10 weeks; must be taken in full workday increments; does not need to be consecutive days.

The company reserves the right to terminate provision before end-date (12/31/20) with limited notice. These benefits cannot be applied retroactively.

If you have any questions regarding these benefits, contact your shop steward.

For a downloadable copy of the chart below click here.

FINAL_COVID-19 New Temporary Benefits Handout


Updated: April 9, 2020 — 5:52 pm