Talking to Your Kids About COVID-19

We are all deeply impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak. But often times we forget about how our most precious members of the community might be impacted by it: Our Kids.

It’s difficult to gauge how children are handling the COVID-19 crisis. Are they scared? Do they have questions? Do they worry about their parents going to work every day? Below are some tips on home to talk to your kids about the pandemic.


Don’t be afraid to talk about the Coronavirus

Most children would have heard about the virus or seen people wearing masks. This is your opportunity to talk to them about the virus and set the tone.




Be Developmentally Appropriate

Try answering their questions instead of offering too much information as this may be overwhelming.





Let them talk about their worries

Be open and invite them to discuss what they’ve heard and how they feel.






Focus on what they can do to keep safe

Help your kids feel empowered by teaching what they can do to keep safe. Teach them how to wash their hands or sneeze properly.





Stick to routine

School may have shut down so it’s up to you to keep your child’s day structured.






Manage your anxiety

When you notice yourself becoming anxious, take time to calm down before trying to have a conversation or trying to answer your child’s questions. 

Updated: April 3, 2020 — 1:49 am