Free College – Another Way It Pays to be IAM

It’s free. No cost. You pay nothing.

If you are an IAM member, retiree or relative, you can go to college, free of charge.

In October 2017, the IAM started offering a free college program as a Machinist benefit, allowing IAM members and their families to earn an associate’s degree from Ohio’s Eastern Gateway Community College in a variety of educational tracks.

Machinists and their families signed up in droves. The growth of the program was incredible and quickly expanded to include a four-year- bachelor’s degree program, as well as short term job certificates. When last year’s pandemic kept so many at home, the program once again became a valued asset for many in the IAM family.

The program covers the costs of tuition, fees, books and any amount not covered by federal or employer education grants. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or a GED equivalent and be part of the Machinists Union family.

Want to find out more? Head over to or call 888-897-9671 to get started.

College is expensive but a clear path to the American Dream.  Let the Machinists Union help you take those first steps.

Updated: May 23, 2021 — 10:14 am